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Ultramarine (2019)

Etching, 30x30cm



Space 1
The space between the present and past in the particular place is voluminous.
It is undoable.
Such places comes back more easily when I close my eyes.

Space 2
When I imagine the distance between two countries,
There is the continent.
My memory is ultracontinent.

Space 3
When I draw with my eyes closed,
I touch and trace the edges of the plate with my finger.
That way I know the size of the space.

Space 4
When I print I clean where the metal is exposed, where there are no lines.
I clean to create nothingness.

Space 5
From the both countries you have to travel over the sea to go to any foreign countries.
Beyond the sea, that is the original meaning of the colour - Ultramarine.

The Colour
Ultramarine is translated into Japanese as 群青(gunjō) or 瑠璃(ruri)
瑠璃, In sanskrit, vaiḍūrya. One of the Buddhist jewel. Associated with the Buddhist Medicine King (薬師如来) who heals sufferings.
To me blue is a colour of healing.
Vaiḍūrya is said to be lapis-lazuri.

The Places
They are places from Kanagawa Prefecture. (It is Kanagawa with K, NOT to confuse with Kanazawa with Z)

Ultramarine 1
Enoshima is a little rocky island where we can walk via a bridge.
It is a place of worship.
There’s a cave too and on the rocks outside we can observe sea creatures.
There is a beach where we used to go in summer.

Ultramarine 2
Fishing peer in Yokohama, more precisely Honmoku.
One day Akiho and I took the No.26 bus from Yokohama bus terminal and found the place.
This place makes us immersed completely in the colour blue when we sit in front of the vast expanse of the ocean.

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