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Language project with Atta Kwami 2019-2021

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This project is collaboration between Sumiko Eadon and Atta Kwami using their mother languages, Japanese and one of the Ghanaian languages, Ewe. The found texts were read to each other in their mother tongues, both uncomprehending of the language of the other. The readings were sometimes recorded but were always immediately and directly put down onto the paper or the lino blocks as a drawn interpretation. The attentive act of listening to the sound of the languages and their textures, tones and undulation was a way, however partial, to make acquaintance with and immerse themselves in each other’s cultures.

September 2019 (still from video)
Sketchbook of Atta Kwami
Sumiko Eadon sketchbook page 6
At Pamela Clarkson’s print room
Woodclobk print for Gamesu book,
work in progress
woodblock print work in progress
Frottage, 2020, Sumiko Eadon
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